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Corvus Financial is a boutique consulting firm specializing in high priority items for the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Risk/Credit Officer of our clients.   We specialize in accounting solution implementation, business process improvement and credit/risk management services.  Our professionals have significant experience, not only serving clients as consultants or former auditors, but also leading complex accounting and finance initiatives at Fortune 500 companies.  

Our motto is:  "Expertise, driven by experience, leads to project efficiency and success."  Quite simply, we have dealt with many of the pain points and project issues and inefficiencies of our clients and we know the right questions to ask.  We can seamlessly integrate with our client teams and assume a variety of roles, as needed - from project manager to subject matter expert.   Our consultants have worked in cross functional teams on complex projects that span all organizational areas of our clients, including data management, accounting policy, credit risk management, finance and back office operations.

Our value proposition is simple.  Corvus delivers "Big 4" experience and results at competitive rates.  Corvus believes in running a lean operation focused solely on the client.  Why should our clients pay higher rates to cover overhead that doesn't benefit them?   The answer is simple:  They shouldn't!


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